Our first two boys were born only eighteen months apart………I found out I was expecting my second baby one month before my first baby turned a year old.. ……..

I blew a gasket, flipped out for a couple months and then I realized everything happens for a reason.

God hates me……

No Seriously, my two boys were an absolute joy and once I got over the initial shock that I would essentially have two babies I was okay.

Pretty much.

I learned to schlep both kids at the same time. One on each hip.

My oldest’s toddler-hood was a blur and I can barely remember my younger one’s infancy. I felt kinda gypped. Like I missed out……………

As we watched these two babies grow I kept thinking about having a third. Not because I wanted a girl, but because I wanted a third kid………

I originally wanted four so I’m thinking Jim made out.

I went back and forth about the two versus three thing and once the older boys reached three and a half and five I was really starting to push the issue.

I wanted a baaaaby and Jim made the big fat mistake of saying one night that  “someone” was missing.  Not Something. Someone.

I took this to mean another baby.

Knucklehead shoulda kept his mouth shut.

The morning I found out I was pregnant again, I stood in the bathroom waiting for the little pink line to show up. When it failed to appear I hopped back in bed a tad disappointed.

In retrospect, I know Jim was relieved. He gave me a hug and mumbled, “oh well maybe next month.”

I lay there for a moment remembering how a friend of mine had done the same thing…threw the stick away and forgot about it…..till later when she caught a glimpse of it in the trash can and saw that it indicated she was indeed pregnant.

Jim had gotten up to make breakfast for the boys and I went back into the bathroom. I grabbed the stick out of the trash and sure enough,  the two pink lines were now visible. I was so stoked, I went running down the hall yelling, “Hey guess what?! It’s positive!”

His reply? “Congratulations.”


Thank God it takes nine months to cook a human…………

We had plenty of time to get ready and we’d done it twice before so this would be old hat. I worked on getting the room ready for the little guy and he started talking about how he couldn’t wait for the birth.

Easy for him to say….

In actuality, my previous labors and deliveries had been really easy so there was no reason why this one would be any different….until he he told me how he’d dreamt that he delivered the baby in our tiny master bathroom.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Do you know something I don’t? Was that a premonition?

Really?! You know how much I love my epidural dude, don’t mess with me!


When my second one was born my doctor had me aid in delivering the baby myself……no small freaking feat from my vantage point, mind you……….. and Jim wanted that chance.

Having him help in delivering was a far cry from having him in our bathroom at home…….thank goodness..

And a lot cleaner.

With a lot more room.

On October 8th,1999 my doctor induced me.

Thank you LORD……..  third pregnancy wasn’t quite as easy-peasy.

Or Cute.

I worked throughout the whole pregnancy except for the last three weeks so I was pretty dang tired.  And really big.

But, just like my two prior labors, things went very smoothly. And with the help of modern medicine, once the epidural was in place I could talk and breathe again………..

When the time came for me to push and  Christian’s head and shoulders were visible the doctor said, “Okay Karyn, you know what to do.”  I immediately looked at Jim and said, “It’s your turn, Babe. This’ll be the last time so do it!”

Jim looked at the doctor and asked if he had to scrub up or anything and the doctor laughed and said, “NO, it’s your kid!”

Later when our friends and family came to see the new baby they all remarked, “Dang,three kids.”

My reply was that I couldn’t decide if I wanted a puppy or a baby………………..

Jim, surprised at my answer, said,  ” Wait a minute, Karyn, if I’d known you wanted a puppy I would have gotten you a puppy!!!!”

All joking aside, our family wasn’t complete until the youngest boy was born. We love each one of them and think they’re beautiful and smart because they’re ours, and for no other reason………. although if they really are beautiful and smart that’d be a plus………




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